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History of Vineyards on Long Island:

“It is certain that the Native Americans of the region harvested wild grapes as part of their diet. After 1640, the early settlers trained native grapes onto arbors behind their homes. European wine grapes were not grown on Long Island until the Prince Nursery Company (located in western Long Island) began growing and selling vines in the late 1700’s.”

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Long Island’s Wine Region:

“Nature meets wine. New York’s maritime influenced region, dating back about 40 years, Long Island, with its sandy soil and moderate climate, is best known for its superb reds – classic Bordeaux blends (called “Meritage” wines in the U.S.), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.”

“At the city of Riverhead, Long Island splits into two forks, separated by Great Peconic Bay. These two regions have their own AVA recognition as North Fork, Long Island, where most of the region’s wineries are located, and The Hamptons, Long Island, (or the south fork) where a few more wineries in the overall AVA reside.”

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